FIGHTBRO Functional Water Power Bag

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An excellent tool for training core stability, balance and general strength and conditioning, the Water Power bag will challenge you in ways you have never experienced. Adjust the weight to your preference, with markings for 5/10/15 KG. Convenient comfortable grips for varying hand position make this one of the best functional training tools for combat athletes.

HOW TO FILL - Fill w Water (under faucet or with the tube provided - make sure the pin is DOWN for this), then push the pin in the UP position to open it for the air, attache the pump and start rocking it - the fuller it is, the heavier and more stable it becomes. Less water makes it lighter but more unstable.

STRONG - Are you ready for a hard full body workout? Weighing only 2 lb when empty, Dimok aqua bags are easy to transport and prepare for exercise. Dimok Workout Sandbags with Water are super tough fitness sandbags, filled with air and water. Valve makes it very easy to fill and empty the bag.

FUNCTIONAL - Get this ultimate training for your core, legs, arms. Different handle positions allow for variety in your exercises. Foot Pump included! When full weighs up to 45 lbs!

PORTABLE and VERSATILE - Our aqua bags are perfect for cardio, high intensity interval training for Crossfit and all Olympic movements such as lifts, swings, curls, step-ups and rows