FIGHTBRO Sweat Series "Special Edition"

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This is a special edition metallic mosaic version of our popular "Sweat" series sparring gloves, redesigned specifically for sparring to ensure safety of hands and training partners. The special Metallic mosaic edition comes in 14oz.

Made with hard wearing SuperFibre Duron, the Sweat series is an excellent all-round option for general training.

Using the newly developed SuperGel filling, Velcro wrist fastener, and multi-layered laminated foam construction, this glove will serve you well in the toughest of workouts and sparring. A range of colours and designs allow you to show your style while also ensuring you are wearing a safe and comfortable quality glove.

For a 16oz version of this glove check out our "Sweat" Series Sparring glove or for general training, our "Sweat" Series training Glove.