Theragun Percussive Therapy is massage reinvented™, created to increase blood flow and decrease tension deep within the muscle. Our 4th generation of Smart Percussive Therapy™ devices leverage the power of cutting-edge technology to integrate percussive therapy into your daily life in a more meaningful and personal way.

From personalized treatment recommendations based on daily activity, to controlling your device in-app via Bluetooth® connection, our 4th generation was truly built with you in mind. Our 4th generation devices are now smart, personalized, and quieter than ever. Our brand new proprietary brushless motor uses QuietForce Technology™ to deliver the unrivaled and renowned Theragun power and speed, so you no longer have to choose between treatment quality and sound. No brushless motor available could provide the power to maintain our industry-leading treatment depth and strength while operating as quietly as we wanted, so we invented our own.

Our 4th generation devices treat your muscles 60% deeper than consumer-grade vibration massagers while blending into the background thanks to the dramatic reduction in sound.