This course includes both LMT 1 and LMT 2, along with 7.5 CPDs fro Reps NZ.

The LMT 1 course will be delivered virtually which you will complete before the LMT 2 face-to-face course.

The ViPR Training Essentials will help you to learn how to enhance the understanding of the ViPR methodology, program design and implementation, and how to progress their skills while training others in advanced ViPR drills and workouts. Participants are requested to remain heavily engaged, with each participant leading individual and small group training sessions, and classroom sessions will be discussion based. Peers and instructors will provide feedback and evaluation throughout the duration of the course.

Learn To:

  • Demonstrate essential knowledge of LMT with ViPR
  • Identify movement postures at major structural complexes
  • Define effective methods for guiding the body to greater movement ability using ViPR programming
  • Exhibit and appraise essential qualities of an effective ViPR trainer
  • Describe strategies for designing a program and evaluating its effectiveness

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